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The Devine Family

Posted by Matt Devine on
The Devine Family ~ living off-the-grid on the Sunshine Coast with zest for life and excitement about living simply, close to the earth and renewing older ways of living! A commitment to live sustainably, simply, consciously and in a very minimal way. Our goal is to minimise the impact of our choices. Plastic is very heavily woven into this society’s supply chain. Every day we open a new door to achieving a deeper level of waste free living.
Our waste consciousness was accelerated due to our remote location. We do not receive a garbage disposal service and are subsequently responsible for all rubbish that we generate. With the consequences of waste to personally deal with an awareness of the absurdity of single use disposable items came to the forefront of our attention.

Doing what we can with what we have to make a difference. With love in our hearts and a sincere mission to ~ be the change ~

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  • Jack and Bree on

    We just bought a pack of 5 from Kunara and have already put them to great use. Thanks for creating such awesome and beautiful earth living products.

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