Forest Friends


Handmade using beautiful GOTS certified organic cotton fabric, designed by internationally acclaimed textile artists.

The Forest Friends Pack includes the medium, large and extra large in the whimsical woodlands design, shown as the round fabric in the image. The small will be a lovely hemp botanical design. 

Wrap vegetables, fruit, bread, cheese, lunches, snacks or cover a bowl. Great for fermenting too!


Small ~ 18cm Perfect for snacks, half of an avocado or a small bowl

Medium ~ 27cm Wrap muffins, cover a bowl, cut vegetables or a block of cheese

Large ~ 33cm Cover a large bowl, pie dish, wrap a sandwich or half a melon

Extra Large ~ 43cm Keep your bread loaf so fresh or cover a rising bread dough! Fantastic to take to a party or BBQ over a larger dish or platter. Keep your large bunch of Kale & Spinach alive and vibrant! Perfect for your baked goods, or wrap up a large block of cheese. The Extra Large Bee Eco Wraps are a wonderful 43cm. A kitchen essential.