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McKenzie Ditter ~ a MAGICAL Collaboration


2nd Edition 

Be whisked away by the whimsical characters and nostalgic scenarios of Baltimore artist McKenzie Ditter! Weaving threads of intimacy, awe for nature, and appreciation for the unconventional into our lives, we journey with Mckenzie as she makes the world more beautiful! Weave the magic of the homeading ways into your own sustainable journey. 

'N is for nesting and newborns, nettles and napkins, naivety and nostalgia.
C is for companion planting. Carrots go with chamomile, cabbage prefers celery, and collards are chummy with cukes.'
H is for happiness at having McKenzie Ditter as part of our daily life! 

Our hand printed twin pack features:

1x 17cm
1 x 27cm

The handprinted Large is 33cm

The handprinted Extra Large Wrap is 43cm

The selection of design of each Pack is random & varies.