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Jasmin Meier, Graphic designer and Illustrator based in Byron Bay, Australia.

Captivated by the weird and wonderful.

Inspired by the natural world and human form with a combination of 60's and 70's psychedelic music posters.


Pack of Three; 2 x Small & a Medium

Pack of Four; 2 x Small, Medium & Large

Pack of Five; 2 x Small, a Medium, Large & X-Large

Selection of design is random, email with your favourites! 

Small ~ 18cm Perfect for snacks, half of an avocado or a small bowl

Medium ~ 27cm Wrap muffins, cover a bowl, cut vegetables or a block of cheese

Large ~ 33cm Cover a large bowl, pie dish, wrap a sandwich or half a melon

Extra Large ~ 41cm Keep your bread loaf so fresh or cover a rising bread dough! Fantastic to take to a party or BBQ over a larger dish or platter. Keep your large bunch of Kale & Spinach alive and vibrant! Perfect for your baked goods, or wrap up a large block of cheese. The Extra Large Bee Eco Wraps are a wonderful 43cm. A kitchen essential. 

Printed in Australia onto ethical & sustainable organic cotton &/or organic 100% Belgian Linen fabric.