Reusable ✔️ Natural ✔️ Easy to use✔️

Bee Eco Wraps are a non-toxic & earth friendly replacement for plastic wrap!

A beautiful and sustainable method of wrapping your food.

Locally hand-made Beeswax Food Wraps using GOTS certified organic fabric infused with local, sustainably farmed beeswax; tree resin; local, cold pressed jojoba oil; and organic coconut oil.

Bee Eco wraps are malleable at room temperature and stiffen when cooled, holding the shape you created. Use the warmth and pressure of your hands to fold and seal around a bowl or wrap up half an avocado.

Naturally antibacterial and preservative, Bee Eco Wraps slow down the rate of decomposition to maximise the life & flavour of your food!

Wrap vegetables, fruit, cheese, bread, fermented foods, lunches, snacks or cover a bowl.