About Us

The creative seeds that inspired Bee Eco Wraps were sown many years ago when we transitioned to a sustainable lifestyle. Having children was the catalyst to taking the next step in forming an integrated approach to sustainability in business and life. We want to live in and pass on a beautiful world to them! 

Set on 50 acres of pristine land nestled amongst State Rainforest in the Noosa Hinterland, The Devine Family live in a self-sufficient haven with our five beautiful children. Our home and business is completely solar powered off the grid. We live harmoniously with our surroundings and love our homesteading ways. Our children grow up living with the principle that they can use and share the energy and resources of the land around them.

Due to our remote location, we do not receive a garbage disposal service and are subsequently responsible for all rubbish we generate. We set out on a journey toward reducing our waste! 

Drawing on ancient storage methods, we hand make a biodegradable alternative to using plastic in the home. Historically, many cultures sealed jars with wax and our Outback Drovers traditionally used oiled cloths to protect their food.

After making beeswax wraps for years at home, we wanted to act locally to make a positive difference. We fuse our talents to create all Bee Eco Wraps by hand. With a Mama who is a passionate seamstress with a flair for organic, vintage fabrics we source beautiful fabrics and ensure that they are GOTS certified organic.

We brew our special mixture of beeswax, tree resin, jojoba and coconut oil together and fuse with the fabric cloths, air dry and cure in a process that can take several days before being hand folded and packaged.

Just like days of old, the whole process involves the entire family. We emphasise the importance as a family to understand ‘energy embodiment’ - the exchange of energy from land to human resource. Our wish is that our children grow up with the knowledge that we are part of one big ecosystem – not just taking from it.

The beeswax for Bee Eco Wraps is sourced locally from a third generation apiarist who is more like family than business. It is a family delight to collect this raw product and to indulge in working with its soothing properties. There’s something so delicious about beeswax, it's almost as if we innately know it’s a good thing for us.

What we’re doing here is not just part of a Green Revolution… It’s a Renaissance. People have been working with nature this way for eons. It seems that we’re just learning to do what society has unlearnt and forgotten.

The Devine Family just love creating Bee Eco Wraps! They are such a beautiful, non-toxic & sustainable way to store your food!